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This is my first blog post and I want to say hello to everyone who is interested in Android or technology in general. I'll try to keep you updated with the latest Android technologies and libraries that I use.

About me:
I am Alexander Thiele a senior Android engineer and I work at Doodle in Berlin, Germany. I started the Doodle Android project from scratch, released three month after the start and I am improving the app since then.

I have made my passion to my profession and I love it! I usually don't stop working, since this is my hobby but sometimes I have to stop before my girlfriend gets angry. I always enjoy to expand my horizons to new areas like micro services or databases... If there is some time left^^

But what am I doing at Doodle?
We're using cutting edge technology, developing new libraries and testing a lot of new stuff to build and improve an Android application which is loved by us and hopefully also by the users.

The latest achievement which I'm really proud of is that Doodle is one of the best Android apps of 2015:

We also got awarded for one of the top apps for Android Marshmallow:

Hope to see you again!
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